Škroupova Street 13, 301 00 Pilsen,

Our school can be found in an old, historical building that is over 100 years old and located near the town centre. There are about 20 modern classrooms within our building that are all fitted with the most current equipment and whiteboards. There are further 3 computer classrooms with about 25 computers each. The school hall provides seats for about 100 persons and can be used for graduation ceremonies, seminars and other projects. The modern sports hall that belongs to the school can also be rented. Furthermore, the school garden not only offers a possibility to relax, it is also a place for parties and being together during the whole year.

Currently, about 550 pupils  are attending our school in full-time education. There is also the possibility as an adult to get A levels within three years.

The educational training is held in the main building in Škroupova Street 13. The hands-on instructions take place in several different buildings. Within the main building can be found a beauty parlor and a hair salon even visited by public. Located in Křimická Street 3, there is the ultra-modern tailor´s workshop and another hairdresser‘ s salon.

The offer of subjects

Our school offers 4- year education finished by a school leaving exam, 3-year education finished by a professional exam. It is also possible to attend some extension courses, which are available for students who finished 3-year professional program.

4-year school education with professional exam/A levels

-> technology of textile and clothing
-> management of textile and clothing
-> fashion design
-> corporate management and economics:
banking and business insurance
legal assistant



-> 4-year education with A levels:

     Beautician / cosmetician

-> 3-year education with a vocational certificate:

-> 2-year postgraduate studies of external attendants with A levels
full-time studies or distance learning:

x  entrepreneurship


School´s successes

Every year, the fashion designers take part in many international competitions and are frequently awarded. Our hairdressers also often obtain prizes from competitions sponsored by Wella.
Furthermore, the fashion designers and hairdresser support charitable projects and, for example, visit old age homes and orphanages. During Christmas, we have a campaign where the pupils buy presents and send them to the orphans.
Besides these projects our school also supports the animal shelter in Pilsen with donations.

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